Nature Republic x EXO - By Flower Lip Balm : Kai's and Luhan's - Review & Swatches

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I'm back for good, and believe it or not I have a lot of articles coming up in the draft section (actually this article was written way before the LOW CLASSIC  or Memebox article).

 This time, around I'm reviewing the By Flower Lip Balm by the Korean brand Nature Republic. This product is the result of a collaboration with the Korean boygroup EXO as they are the main endorsers for Nature Republic. And I truly believe that this product is nothing but a fangirl product, let's see what I mean by that.

The packaging

The product comes in 3 different scents, Rose (pink packaging), Lemon (yellow packaging) and Peach (orange packaging). You get 12 different lip balms with the face of each of the 12 members and their photocards.

The product

 After my sister asked me to buy it for her, I thought I should get myself one as well. So, I have here, Kai's lip balm with the scent Rose and Luhan's lipbalm with the scent Lemon. Scent wise, I really like the scent of the rose one, I knew that this is the type of scent I like whereas Lemony kind of scent repulse me. To each his own, my sister loves her lipbalm's lemon scent. 

The actual product is a clear balm in a pot, in which you definitely have to put your fingers. Not the cleanest way indeed but the product isn't colorless either :

 All of the lipbalms have the same tint, a kind of berry tint that would leave a stain on your lips. It's definitely buildable and gets darker the more you apply it on your lips. The other thing is : Your finger gets likewise the same amount of color, this product definitely leaves you a stain on your fingers that's kind of hard to remove. Honestly, I love staining lip products as I like my lips to be colored in some way and staining products have the good point of staying put but that point can definitely be a negative one for the others.

Kai's photocard and the back of it. 

My thoughts

Now, as far as the product goes, I have to admit I really don't like this product and my sister shares my opinion. This wouldn't be what I'd call a lipbalm, it's sticky and feels sticky on the lips which is really uncomfortable. It reminds me of those cheap gloss I hate and that you only want to remove right away. I've tried using this product for days and even weeks, from time to time I wanted to give it a new shot thinking that maybe this time it'll work but no, I don't see any moisturizing effect of any kind. Apart from giving you a stain and leaving you with sticky lips, this product won't moisturize your lips nor will it get rid of chapped lips. 

I'd say that this product is obviously a product marketed towards EXO fangirls, the marketing for this is good but the product in itself is terrible. I don't really care about photocards or having the -handsome- face of Kai on the back of my product either so I definitely regret buying this product and feel like it's way too expensive for what it is. 

When you originally purchase this on beauty sites, you get a random member but because my sister and I wanted these specifics members we got it off Ebay and it was approximately 11$ each and with shipping and converted to euros it was 20€.


  • Leaves a stain
  • You get a photocard of a member with it (only relevant to fangirls)
  • Scented


  • Leaves a stain on both your fingers and lips
  • Sticky
  • Non moisturizing
  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • Hard to get a hold of but I believe they came out with new pictures 

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