NARS Chronicles : Audacious Lipsticks in Vera and Audrey - Swatches & Review

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 Ever since I saw the swatches of the new line of lipsticks from NARS on temptalia, I was obsessed. Quite frankly, I was checking out the nars website and the French sephora all the time, I was even in contact with Nars' customer service. That was how obsessed I was for these lipsticks. If there's one beauty product I could collect and keep all the time, it would be lipsticks. 

For it's 20th anniversary, Nars came out with a total of 40 lipstick and I had at least 5 shades I wanted, but fortunately for my bank account, they didn't all come out in France. I opted for the shades Vera and Audrey.


The audacious lipstick line comes in a sleek black metallic packaging with a magnetized closure. Saying it like that make it seem like nothing, but the metallic closure is actually quite amazing : It will close on it's own, in the right way if you try to shut the lid the wrong way. Nonsense, I just wrote but you really have to see it for yourself to understand. Nonetheless, it's a pretty cool trick for someone who can't keep their hands for themselves like me.  


 Vera and Audrey are quite similar colors in the bullet and swatched but Vera (on the left) is more of a bright raspberry with berry undertones while Audrey is more toned down and tends to have a more reddish undertone.

Vera on top and Audrey on the bottom


I'm going to say it right off the beat : These might be the best lipsticks ever, and trust me I like my MAC's and YSL but, these combine what you would want from a lipstick : They are crazily pigmented, moisturizing, non drying, satin finish, extremely long lasting (they lasted for more than 8 hours) and leave a nice stain. 


They retail for 30€ in France and 32$ in the United States. It's quite pricey but they honestly worth every penny you spend on them. Personally, even though I'm on student budget, I don't regret buying these lipsticks because I know I don't have to worry about re-applying, nor drying lips or flakiness whatsoever. I'm definitely going to get more shades when I'll get the chance to.

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