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This -not so- little order was triggered by a sold-out set I was keeping an eye on for a while and when it restocked, I just jumped on it and figured that I could just throw some other item in it.

Ordered on : November 9th
Shipped out on : November 19th
Came to French customs : November 27th
Came to my post office : November 28th

Free samples + Gift

Let's start off by what I normally end with. When I ordered this, Testerkorea was having some event with Paypal : Pay 100$ + via paypal and you'll get a free gift. The gift was Skinfood's Tomoto Whitening Point Pad (10pcs). I kind of complained in my last Testerkorea order with the free samples but it seems like you get more samples when you.. pay more. Figures ! I got 3 pouches of the same samples :
- Tony Moly : Panda's Dream White Magic Cream x3
- Tony Moly : I'm Real seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion x3
- Tony Moly : I'm Real Tea Tree Essence and Lotion x 3
- Nature Republic : Super Origin CC Cream x 2
- Tony Moly - Red Appletox Honey Cream x3
- The Oriental gyeon booster x1

IOPE - Moisture skin soft peeling gel 

Laneige - White plus renew trial kit

Now, this was the product which triggered this whole order. I wanted to try this higher-end brand  for so long now. I got the samples of the White Plus Renew Line, and because I wanted to truly try them out to get a real opinion (and maybe results ?), I got 2 boxes (the 2 others are for my mother).
This kit is composed with :
- Original essence white plus renew 10ml
- White plus renew skin refiner 15ml
- White plus renew emulsion 15ml
- White plus renew original cream 10ml
- White plus renew capsule sleeping pack 3ml


INNISFREE - No sebum Mineral Pact

I got the loose powder version in my previous order and a full review of both products is coming up !

 Laneige - Water sleeping Pack EX

The other famous product from Laneige I wanted to try. A lot of people have been raving about this and I really wanted to try sleeping packs as I find sheet masks a bit more annoying.
I got 2 packs of 4ml x 10 packets costing 4000 won, which equals to 40 ml (with 20 packs) for 8000 won. A full size of this product cost 25 000 won for 80 ml and half of the full size in these terms cost 12 500 won, so I got 4500 won off of this (you can't blame the business student for bargaining and maths a little !).

Sulwhasoo - Timetreasure renovating eye cream

A product for my mother by this huge luxurious brand, when I take a look of their pricing it's incredible. Let's see if this sample version will work for her.

MISSHA - Oil control film 

I never really needed blotting sheets but the struggle I have with my current foundation made me buy this. They are MISSHA branded but aren't expensive at all (approx 1,27€/1.58$) compared to the 10€ blotting sheets Sephora France are selling right now (and cashiers really do try to make you buy 10€ blotting sheets !).

MISSHA - Magic Cushion Case

I ordered this after I placed my order and they kindly added the item for me. Now, I don't know if this is a little mishap or gift from them, or if I simply don't get the description of the item well : I ordered only one cushion case and I got 3, in the description it says 3 items but I legitimately thought it was referring to the items in it as the case, sponge and puff. Anyhow, mishap or not, if this is the reward to be called their mate I'll accept it !

(PS : I'm not explaining anything about this product on purpose because a full demo and review of this is coming up)

Innisfree - It's real squeeze Mask

  • It's real squeeze mask - Tea Tree
  • It's real squeeze mask - Shea Butter
  • It's real squeeze mask - Cucumber
  • It's real squeeze mask - Manuka Honey
  • Price : 760 won x 4 
  • Product link here


 INNISFREE - Intensive Ampoule Mask

I discovered these, in one of Michelle Phan's video and I found the idea to be quite genius : You have a separate serum to apply just before the mask right on the upper left.

Individual reviews to come as always ! (Check the Product Directory to see which one I've already reviewed !)

Get all of these products, and more on TesterKorea which is currently having 30% off ! (Starting from January 2015)

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