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Now, this eyeliner is the one I have a love-hate relationship with. For so many years, I've been looking for an actual waterproof eyeliner. You may think it's easy to find but let's add other characteristics to that : Liquid Waterproof eyeliner, matte finish, brush applicator.
I've came to realize that the best efficient , easy and most definitely fastest way to apply eyeliner for me is with a liquid liner. My go-to eye makeup look is a winged eyeliner and the main problem I have is that I have watery eyes which results in smudged eyeliner. At the end of the day, there would be no more winged eyeliner in the outer edge. A lot of companies do waterproof eyeliner but I've found that some of these eyeliners have a formula that would crumbles after wearing it for a while or just by rubbing your eyes. 

I've never been a huge fan of the brand Kiko and I rarely even go inside the store, but I'm glad I did find this.
It does everything I was looking for : Waterproof liquid eyeliner with a brush tip and settles down with a black matte finish and won't crumbles. 

Price : 6,90 €
Quantity : 4,5 ml / 0.15 fl.oz

The thing is that the formula isn't that great. Yes, the waterproof/tearproof/budgeproof is covered but I should have realized it when the tester in the store was covered in thick black liquid : The actual liquid is thick and stringy (It gets worse after you use it for a while).

The brush isn't really precise either, you either have the hands to do a decent job with a liquid eyeliner otherwise the application might be really hard. This is so waterproof that you honestly better not mess up otherwise you'll end up having to remove it with an actual oil-based or really good makeup remover. I actually don't use this all over my eyes, I only do my cat-eye/outer line with this and I do the rest of the line with a regular liquid eyeliner, otherwise I'd have the hardest time to remove the eyeliner. Last but not least, it takes a while to dry too (blame it on the thick consistency).

Here, the first line isn't dry yet but you can tell that the liquid is a true black. The striky lines can also give you a good idea about the "precision" the brush offers.


Rubbed with water :
Nothing moved apart for the first line which wasn't dry enough. 

 With regular cream based makeup remover (Barbara Gould's Démaquillant Intégral) :

After rubbing it with the Barbara Gould makeup remover, some of the thinest lines are rubbing off but the whole thing is still there :

Rubbing it with a oil-based makeup remover (Klairs' Gentle Black Deep Oil Cleanser) :

After rubbing the eyeliner with the Klairs oil :

The eyliner is pretty much gone but there're still traces, so I suggest you double cleanse.



  • Waterproof/Tearproof
  • Doesn't smudge, nor crumbles
  • Cheap
  • True black
  • Matte finish 
  • Brush tip


  • The brush isn't precise
  • The formula is too thick
  • Takes a while to dry
  • Hard to remove (but that's pretty much the price of being truly waterproof)
  • Hard to get a hold of if you don't live in Europe (I believe the US only has 3 stores and Africa/Asia none).

As much as I swear at this product on the mornings when it just doesn't work, I'll re-purchase it because I haven't found a better liquid liner which meets my expectations like this one does, yet.

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