Tiny Haul : Lush and their bath bombs

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I went into Lush many times, but I never purchased anything. I love the concept, the products seem pretty promising but the prices and the short-term life of the products never really spoke to me. This little bag, is actually a little birthday gift from my sister, it's not a haul per say but it's close enough.

 Now, I'm never been a bath person either. It's just not my thing but my bathroom got revamped right before my birthday and a new bath tub called in for a little bath with some Lush magic.

My sister apparently went into the store and said something like : "She's in the middle of finals. She needs to chill" (Which I really needed !). Basically, all of these bath bombs have the particularity to soothe and get you into that chill and stress free atmosphere.

 On the picture below, the little green bar is a sample of some jelly like soap bar called "Miranda". I didn't like the smell nor did I like the soap finish of it.

This one right here is called "Twilight" and has the particularity to be pretty big compared to other regular bombs. The effervescent trick of it was pretty cool and it left the water purple. Those little white/creamy dots on it are actually shimmers and you're left with soft and barely-there shimmers on your body afterwards.

 This yellow bath bomb is called "Cinders" and although I don't remember the smell, I do remember that those red parts didn't really do much (supposedly It would pop, but I didn't see any of that) and do keep in mind that you have to wash your tub afterwards, as it leaves a yellow cast making it seem like your tub is dirty as hell.

The last one is called "Floating Island" and isn't a sphere like the two others and doesn't have any uniqueness to it. I haven't tried it yet so no effect whatsoever to tell, but the lack of color would probably result in me, not being that excited to watch the effervescence of it in the water.

Fairly quick article. The price of the bath bombs vary depending on the weight and the particularity of it, but they usually retails between 2€ to 6€ and are great gifts ideas.

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