Tony Moly - Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream Review

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I received this product in my Tony Moly Special Memebox , and I've been using it ever since until I ran out of it !

Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream

What the brand say

  • Moisturizing system to prevent drying of the skin :
High nutrient cream, completing the clinical trials of 100 hours lasting moisture, forms a soft moist moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • Containing capsule having the fermented argan oil, upgraded nutritious energy
The fermented argan oil capsules which fermented argan oil more than 100 hours, deliver enhanced nutrition, elasticity, moisture to skin.

  • Nutritious and dense volume skin care
Filling skin with nutrients such as safflower extract 56%, Vitamin B9 to make your skin healthy

As you can see, the brand advertises the cream as a "100 hours lasting moisturizing". Even without trying the cream you can guess that this quite a bold marketing.


The cream comes in cream colored bottle with a somewhat pearly colored lid. Mine came a bit damaged in the Memebox and the lid wouldn't properly shut too. Apart from that, the product is dispensed with a pump which delivers a small amount of product , as seen on the swatches below :

One little flaw I've encountered with this packaging is that you can't tell when your product is up unless you remove the lid.

My thoughts  

As you can see, once blended into the skin, the product doesn't leave any shiny cast and by the look of it, the skin absorbs the product well. It didn't feel greasy, heavy and it blended easily. 
The product is marketed with argan oil capsules in the cream, but I'll be really honest and say that I didn't even notice those capsules, I know some other people saw these but either I'm blind or it really wasn't noticeable. This part aside, argan oil is a well loved ingredient and I even currently use it in my skincare routine. Argan oil is excellent for moisturizing purposes , it absorbs easily, is high in Vitamin E and is non-greasy. I liked using this cream just before applying my makeup to keep my face hydrated and especially non-greasy or heavy so that my makeup would be applied smoothly and would last longer. 
However, the 100 hours lasting moist marketed with this product wasn't conclusive for me. It's winter season here in Paris, and by mid-day my cheeks would feel really tight and dry. The cream didn't moisturize well enough or at least really didn't last. 
I would say it's a great cream as it is quickly absorbed, non greasy. Perfect for normal to oil skin, even for troubled skin as argan oil is a key ingredient to ease up mild acne. However, dry to really dry skin types would probably need a more moisturizing product than Tony Moly's Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream.

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