Testerkorea Haul 3 : Laneige, Innisfree , Etude House, Banila Co, etc..

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Another Testerkorea haul today. Some products from my previous wishlist are there, and some aren't. 
I started my last Testerkorea Haul with the free gifts given by the site but, for the first time ever, I got no samples whatsoever. In terms of value, this order was the most expensive compared to the previous one and my guess is that they forgot to add samples but.. I can't help but feel bummed out. I e-mailed them about it and they didn't even have a proper excuse so..It's probably time for me to start trying out some other websites !

Innisfree - Sheet Masks

If you've been reading my articles, you might know that I've become a fan of Innisfree's sheet masks. These were pretty inexpensive and perfect for my upcoming late night studying sessions. I've already reviewed the Shea Butter (here) and mentioned the Green Tea one here.

  • Type : Full-Size
  • Quantity : 4 masks
  • Skin Solution Mask - Moisturizing - Price : 735 won
  • It's real Squeeze Mask - Shea Butter
  • It's real Squeeze Mask - Green Tea
  • It's real Squeeze Mask - Bamboo
  • Price : 665 won
  • Product links : Squeeze Masks & Skin Solution Masks

Etude House - Play 101 Pencils

I've had my eyes on these pencils for the longest time ever. The constant 30% deal Testerkorea has, sold me on these. I'm going to review these soon, so there are no extra pictures for this post !

  • Type: Full size
  • Quantity :  6 x 0,5g
  • Price :  6 x 4200 won
  • Shades :  5, 11, 12 , 21, 22, 49
  • Product link here

LANEIGE - Original Essence White Plus Renew

I ordered 4 boxes of this Laneige line in my previous order, I got the full size version here for my mother. Because I was using my OST serum at the same time, I didn't see much difference with the essence on me (the Emulsion and Skin Refiner kept on me breaking me out) but my mother said she has seen a change in her skin. The line didn't broke her out though so I wouldn't put it pass the product. 
When I got the box out, I saw this lipstick with the free tag on. Now, I can read Korean but I don't understand what I read (really helpful I know.. Time for me to get some lessons) but my guess is that it's an event because they won 40 beauty awards with this product or something. Anyways, we got a tiny free lipstick.

The packaging looks so good though, I almost feel jealous !

Cool toned pink lipstick with shimmers. The opacity is just like how Koreans like it, enough to be able to make a gradient lip and semi-opaque full lip.

Su:m 37 - Water-full gel timeless Essence

It's Skin - Pure Moisture Gel

I'll admit it. I only got these sample pouches because the triangle size was cute and because it's a practical way to apply moisturizer for my upcoming road trip.

The Face Shop - Rice Water Bright Cleansing foam

I mentioned the milk version of this product in my wishlist and the foam version of Nature Republic's Aloe Vera cleanser but it was sold out so I got the foam version of The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright instead.

LANEIGE - Water Bank Essence

The White Plus renew Essence didn't work out for me but I thought I'll try out the Water Bank Essence to bring back some moisture into my skin.

Innisfree - The Green Tea Seed Serum

I didn't get any samples for this and went straight for the full size, I read great reviews on this product and I'm hoping that Innisfree won't disappoint me ! Review here

Banila Co - Clean It Zero (Original version)

As I said in my wishlist, I've wanted this product for the longest time ever. I wanted to try balm type of products and let's face it, when Ace Song Ji Hyo uses it, you just want it too. (Video of Song Ji Hyo using it here , I do want to mention that she's endorsing Banila Co so don't be suprised by all the Banila Co branded product she uses). I will be reviewing this product as well so no extra pictures of it yet !

  • Type : Full Size
  • Quantity : 100 ml
  • Price : 12 600 won (I got it for 18 000 won but as I was writing this article, I've noticed that Testerkorea keeps on fluctuating prices, so if you have an item in mind, check the website daily and you might see the price decrease or.. increase if your lack some luck !)
  • Product link here

The next haul is already on its way ! And this time, it'll be a Wishtrend haul ! Don't forget to use the promotional codes (located in the right sidebar) if you're hauling on Wishtrend as well !

ps : I am also on Reddit and /r/asianbeauty!

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  1. Good picks! The play pencils are all round very decent quality especially for the price. I've seen the Innisfree Green tea products everywhere and they look so enticing! I hope it works well for you x

  2. They are really great for the price indeed ! So far so good with Innisfree's serum, great as a morning serum !


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