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Another haul, and I was supposed to write this as the "last haul before going on a no-buy mode" but somehow I managed to make 4 other orders from different websites. To my defense, I said I was going to try other shops since my last Testerkorea fiasco but I didn't know it would be this soon. If you follow me on my instagram, you'll see a preview of one those 4 orders. 

Let's get to this Wishtrend Haul, shall we ?


I've already did a little presentation of the website in an earlier blogpost presenting this little bottle of amazingness :

C20 - Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

You already know how much I love this serum, it was only a given that I was going to repurchase it.

  • Brand :  C20 (OST)
  • Name:  Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum 
  • Quantity : 30 ml
  • Price : 14,99$
  • Product link: Click here
If you're interested by this product, know that there's special deal with this serum : You can get the Vitamin Starter Kit for Brightening purposes here with this serum and the cream that goes with it. 

C20 - Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum

  • Brand : C20
  • Product : Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum
  • Quantity: 30ml
  • Price :  24,99$
  • Product link : Click here
This serum is the upgraded version of the C20 Original Serum. It's formulated with an additional 1,5% of Pure Vitamin C and lack of fillers and parabens that the previous one has. Less ingredients, supposedly better absorption. I had to get it to try it out. I'll probably do a comparison review with the Original version.

There's also a deal going for this product : Here

Cosrx - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner and Naturally Embo Cotton Puff

I've been wanting Mizon's AHA/BHA Toner for the longest time ever but as it's nowhere to be found on the market, I've decided to try the new and upcoming Korean Brand Cosrx (pronounced Coseurexeu , see, I knew that knowing how to read Korean would help). Along with the toner I decided to throw in their Cotton puff to use with said toner. 

I've gotten into the acids bandwagon and I've been reading a lot about pH, AHA, BHA and retinoids. And along those lines, although the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (I ordered this in one of those 4 orders) isn't in the deal : There's a Sol-Kit AHA/BHA deal going on Wishtrend that is worth checking out : here

  • Brand : Cosrx
  • Product : AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
  • Quantity: 150 ml
  • Price : 12,60$
  • Product link : Click Here

  • Product : Naturally Embo Cotton Puff
  • Quantity: 80 pcs
  • Price: 2,80$
  • Product link: Click here

Free Samples 


After the no-free-samples order from Testerkorea, I was pleasantly surprised by the freebies I got from Wishtrend. Along with 3 informative cards about some of their products, I got a sample of Cosrx's Advanced Snail All in One Cream and samples from a brand I didn't know : Chica Y Chico. As you can see, I also got a free Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask , funny enough I was tempted to buy one when I did my cart some days prior. I kind of already used it :


Shop at Wishtrend

  • With orders of 55$+ :  WISHAPR2015 - Get 10% off of your order
  • Coupon Code : 033450111 - Get instantly 5$ off of your first order with ANY amount by registering to Wishtrend and writing this code in  the "friends invitation program" box in the registration form ! 
  • With ANY orders, receive a free Elishacoy Vitamin Collagen Sheet Mask with code : WISHGIFTAPR2015
(If you're reading this after the month of April, alway check the sidebar for the updated promo codes)

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