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I did my comeback last week with the review of Etude House's 101 Pencils, but I feel like this article is actually the comeback article. I couldn't come out of my hiatus with this rather not-really-review-oriented blog post and up until now, I was frankly debating with myself whether I should write this or not, if this would be relevant or not.
But the little changes I recently made in my life actually matter and well, get into the beauty description the way I see it. 

First and foremost, the issue on hauls and reviewing products :

I’m well aware that the last few posts are all hauls. I personally love hauls and have a twisted mind of liking to be enabled. Now, I know haul posts aren’t actually constructive or that interesting when you think about it which is why I'll only do a rather quick combined haul in this post.

Why have I been posting hauls then ?

Here’s the thing, to truly give you an honest opinion on products, I have to test them out for a subsequent amount of time : 2 weeks to a full month after a full week and half of patch testing. One product at a time, and the time gets even longer when I do react badly to a product (which has been the case lately). I end up accumulating unopened new products waiting to be tested at the right time.

In almost all of the hauls I’ve done, I’ve always mentioned that I’ll do full review on all the products that I’ve bought but here’s the reason why it doesn't always happen : Either the product was pretty bad, I’ve finished all of it before being able to snap pictures or even have a definite opinion or I simply felt like it was pointless to even review it.
I’ve been learning from my mistakes and so, I’ve been paying a particular attention to ingredients and I’m refraining myself from buying stuff without having read a few reviews on them too.

When working-out and overall lifestyle changes bring out the beauty in you

I never really talk about myself in this blog, I like to stay pretty private about who I'm and I've never actually shown my face yet. I'm still debating on all of that stuff, and if one day I'll be brave enough to show myself , that would probably happen on my instagram so you know where to stalk me. Talking about Instagram, you'll notice that I posted this picture :
Une photo publiée par WishedChronicles (@wishedchronicles) le

What's so crazy and interesting is that I'm the exact opposite of that picture. I hate sports, I'm bad at it and never really enjoyed it either. I was that kid in High School asking why sports were including in the baccalauréat (French secondary school diploma) grading. After spending almost a year with either a cast and a splint on both of my ankles, now that both of my ankles are finally healed, I've decided to actually start working out. I mentioned a few times in my first articles that I had stress and anxiety issues last year due to school, working out helped me a lot with dealing with stress and anxiety for my finals this year, amazingly enough I didn't get stressed at all. 

Why is this relevant for this blog ?

Here's the thing, stress can be a major reason for break outs, and it was for me. Getting my stress issue fixed helped my skin to stay clear especially after breaking out from testing new product as I said in the first part. I've also changed my diet and stopped eating unnecessary food, I've never been into junk food but hey.. I'm a student and diet choices aren't always that great. All of this helped my skin a lot, and if you are struggling with either stress or anxiety I do suggest trying that out. Not only did it helped my asthmatic self with improving my cardio, the dopamine rise after your work out will make you feel better than ever. If you hate sports and need a little more inspiration : you can read this article from Into the Gloss : I Hate Working Out (But It Feels So Good).

So would you be up for some burpees like the never-aging Sandara ?

Collective Skincare Haul

I hope all of this wasn't too long, so I won't be babbling about these purchases. I'll be making a list of where to shop soon as I tried a few of them now.

I've restocked on Nars Sheer Glow foundation (review) here and somehow splurged on Su:m 37's Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. I purchased it on an impulse, I never should've but here we are.  
The foundation is from Sephora and the Cleansing Stick from W2beauty (excellent service read here).

As I was battling with break outs from testing products, I thought I would give Cosrx's BHA Blackhead Power Liquid a try, review to come (And I mean it !). I bought it from Jolse.

That's a hell lot of sheet masks there. For the last few months, I've been kind of addicted to /r/AsianBeauty, and you can't get out of the sheet mask temptation when you lurk there. Innisfree's global website got 1+1 deal going on and I got 40+40 = 80 sheetmasks but.. There was an issue, I said I won't make this long so you can read the whole story here.

A little haul filled with Mizon products. The snails creams were for my mother so you won't see any reviews of those, but I'll review the Good Night White Sleeping Mask and Too Cool For School's Pumpkin Sleeping Mask when I'll get to try them fully. I have yet to try the Mizon one though so that will take a while. Bought this from Roseroseshop.

Stocked up on Klairs' cleansing oil (review) and picked up Cosrx's Hyaluronic Acid from Wishtrend. Cropping is bad on this picture, my apologies, but I've got Biore's UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA ++++ , Innisfree's Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50 PA +++ and Missha's All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45 PA +++ as sunscreens. I can already tell you that I broke out from Biore's, as much I wanted my skin to love it as much I did , I also broke out from Innisfree's and I'm currently giving Missha's a try. (Biore's sunscreen is from Ichibankao, and the last two sunscreen from Roserosehop.)
I will be doing a sunscreen post with these 3 ones, along with a french one. 

I haven't stopped looking for sunscreens and because I loved Innisfree's one and I'm suspecting Zinc Oxide to be the problem, I purchased Innisfree's new sunscreen line (Extreme Safety) from Testerkorea. 

And that is all ! Next week will be Banila Co's Clean it Zero cleansing balm, or the one who hated me even though I was in love with it.

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