The top two lipsticks for Tan and Indian skin - Summer Edition

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best lipstick shades for indian , tan , brown skin - mac lipsticks

Lipstick, now this is my area of expertise. My everyday look is pretty simple, I never actually wear any eyeshadow and only go for black liner and a statement lip color. Now this two specific lipsticks, I've been obsessed with this year. I know I wrote this article as a "Summer edition" but truly, I wore these all year long.

There are 3 products on the pictures but the ones I wanted to talk about the most were MAC's All Fired Up lipstick (on the left) and Limecrime's Velvetine in Suedeberry. Now, because I know how much controversy Limecrime has and how difficult it is to find these velvetines, I included MAC's Lady Danger which is a bit similar to Limecrime's Suedeberry.

These shades looks stunning on tan, Indian, brown skin but they would look equally as good on just about any skin tone as well. I'm a bit lighter that an NC42 and I'm matched to Barcelona in NARS foundation and these two are my go to lipstick shades and are also.. The shades I ALWAYS get compliments on.

I'm not kidding, I always get compliments on these two, even from those people who would never actually compliment my make up or the way I look. As you can see from the pictures, MAC's All Fired Up is nearing its death and that's because I'm kind of.. wearing it daily. I'm not joking when I say that I love this lipstick and that it particularly suits me well.

best lipstick shades for indian , tan , brown skin - mac lipsticks

MAC - All Fired Up 

All fired up is a pink fuschia with neutral to warm undertones in a matte (retro matte as MAC calls it) finish and is extremely pigmented. It lasts for ages, and that's why I love MAC's matte finishes and just matte finishes in general but : This specific lipstick is too drying. I always mix it with a bit of lip balm to make it comfortable to wear.

Limecrime - Suedeberry

Suedeberry is a peachy coral liquid lipstick which dries matte and velvety. This shade suits particularly well, tan complexions with warm undertones as it brings out that warmth and in my case, golden yellow of my skin (see here how my skin looks). Unfortunately, this specific shade in Limecrime's formula is a nightmare to apply. It doesn't apply evenly and patch up if you apply too much. It's really a shame that this shade is so hard to apply because I don't wear it as often as I could. (Limecrime's Red Velvet applies effortlessly in my case).

MAC - Lady Danger

I only got this recently because I wanted a lipstick close to Suedeberry and that I could use more frequently. However, Lady Danger is not a dupe for Suedeberry, they are similar but the shades are definitely not the same and looks rather different on the lips. As you can see from the pictures, Lady Danger has more red than Suedeberry does. In terms of application, it's easier to apply and is one of those MAC's best matte consistency.


best lipstick shades for indian , tan , brown skin - mac lipsticks

From left to right : All Fired Up , Lady Danger, Suedeberry.

best lipstick shades for indian , tan , brown skin - mac lipsticks

What are your most used lipstick ? 

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