Road Trip Beauty Essentials - Skincare and Make Up

I'm leaving in a couple of days for a roadtrip to Germany to go to Europa-Park with a bunch of friends. As we are only staying for an extended week-end, I was wondering how to pack efficiently my 'beauty essentials'.
Eventually, I need light and fuzz-free stuff that I would be easily able to use in a moving car. I'm writing this post ahead of the trip so I obviously don't know yet if this is a great plan or not but I'll keep you guys posted on my social medias : Instagram - Twitter, and most likely on snapchat , add me : WishedChronicle

By the way, did you notice the design change ? I was getting sick of the monochromatic look of the old design so I decided to change the whole thing. There are still little glitches here and there and some small changes to be done but, this is Wished Chronicles' new look



 Klairs - Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil (Not on the picture)

After thinking about it again and again, road trip or not, my skin needs the double cleansing it can gets. I'll be applying sunscreen and make up and even though it's for less than a week, I don't want my skin to freak out because it's finally back on track after months of trials and errors. I'm going to decant the Klairs oil into a small container and bring it with me !

Yes to Cucumbers - Cleansing wipes

I'm not into cleansing wipes but I thought it would be the best thing to remove anything on the go. My skin won't like 8 hours of road traveling with too-much on and my dehydrated skin needs hydration and moisture after a good while. I bought these Yes to Cucumbers cleansing wipes from Asos and checked the ingredients beforehand. Except for the "fragrance" part, no ingredients appeared as a red flag for me.

Innisfree - It's real squeeze masks

We never know what could happen and as I said, my skin might need a little boost in hydration. I'm bringing my beloved Shea Butter mask with me along with some others Innisfree masks to share with my friends. We'll be sheet masking as group !

A L'Orientale - Argan Oil

I wrote a blog post about how pure Argan Oil was a stapple for me and there was no way I could go without my Argan Oil. I'm currently using A L'Orientale one that I bought from Beautyst and if you are tempted they have many other combination available - I might try the Argan x Rose combo next.

Cosrx - Advanced Snail 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence

I got to try this thanks to blogger Colorccrush and I wasn't too impressed at first but as I ran out of the decants she sent me, I saw what changes it made in my skin. I'm going to write a review post really soon about this essence but in the meantime, a small decant of this is following me to Germany.

Whamisa - Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner

I've been enabled by the great review of Kerry from Skin&Tonics. This hydrating toner is in the works of becoming a staple in my routine as it truly works wonders and seem to agree with my skin. The bottle is a glass and I naturally will be bringing a decant of this product with me rather than the full thing.

Skinfood -  Premium Tomato Whitening Samples

Instead of decanting every other product of my current routine, I thought trying one of the many samples from my sample box could be a better idea. I decided to go for the essence and cream of Skinfood's Whitening Tomato sample I got in this haul.

The Body Shop - Musc Gift Set

This is more of a body skincare thing but I got this gifted a few days ago and the size is perfect for traveling. I'm not a huge fan of Musc so the eau de toilette won't be traveling with me but I'll give the lotion a try.

Innisfree - Extreme Safety 60 Sun Gel 

Can this be a summer road trip without Sunscreen ? The first I'll be putting in my travel beauty pouch is this Innisfree sunscreen. Tried and approved, have you heard of someone going a shade lighter even in Summer ? That's me. (Disclaimer : Also using other tools to keep me from tanning/brightening effects aka hats, C20/C21.5 serum, niacinamide etc..). A full post will be coming on this sunscreen but as it is following me in my trip you can tell I'm liking it.

Make Up 


Missha - Blotting Papers 

Plain and simple, purchased in this haul.

Innisfree - No Sebum Powder Pact

Instead of decanting some Banana Powder from Ben Nye, I'll bring this Innisfree translucent powder to keep the oils at bay.

Missha - Magic Cushion Foundation

This is a DIY cushion foundation I made and I'll be using this to apply make up if necessary on the go. It's not necessarily practical to use as a full-on cushion foundation because I didn't put enough product in it but it would be perfect as a touch up product.

Nars - Radiant Creamy Concealers

Seeing the weather forecast of region where Europa Park is in Germany, the weather will be almost unbearable with 36°C ! I really hope it won't be the case but with such temperatures, make up will be the least of my issues and rather than putting on foundation I'll be spot concealing.

Kiko - Eyebrow pencil

Cheap and effective eyebrow pencil, because I don't know how people can spend 5 minutes doing their brows with powders and creams. (No offense though, I'm the lazy and impatient type)

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer

I only use this primer on my t-zone because my Sheer Glow just won't behave and I won't be leaving without this deluxe sized sample.

Kiko - Definition Waterproof Eyeliner & Biguine - Hot Black Eyeliner

I wasn't going to include this as I wasn't planning on necessarily wearing liquid eyeliner but if I do have the time and the nice weather to do so, I'll be using my waterproof Kiko eyeliner in the outer edge and the cheap Biguine eyeliner in the inner part of the eye. 

Etude House - 101 Pencil in #49 Brown

If I don't have the strength nor the time to get my cat eye going, I'll be at least lining my eyes with this soft matte brown eyeliner from Etude house. 

Giorgio Armani - Black Ecstasy 

One of the few travel size mascara I own, I'm not a huge fan of this mascara but it does the trick. 


Rimmel x Kate Moss - 101 Kiss Of Life lipstick 

Revlon - Colorburst Matte Balm in 240 Striking

Easy to wear and easy to apply, I always had these two in my handbags and even apply them in the parisian metro while walking with no mirror. These stress free products will be in my make up pouch.

And that is all ! I don't know if I should pack more things or even if these are good choices but I think I'll make it work !

What are you doing this Summer ? Any good tips to share ?

Ps : I posted a picture of myself as my Instagram profile picture. If you ever wondered about how I looked, head over there quickly as I might change my mind about showing myself soon ! 

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