COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence - Review

Can you talk about Asian Beauty without mentioning Snails ? I always knew about the love the AB community had toward snail mucin but perhaps it was because it was so hyped that I didn't get into the bandwagon. It only took a small decant from fellow beauty blogger Colorcrrush to get me hooked to the magic that is Snail Mucin. If you read my Traveling Beauty essentials, you saw that I packed this essence with me !

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Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power

Somehow, I'm accumulating a few products from Cosrx (and a new one is on its way) but this is the first review from the brand.  Cosrx (from Cosmectics + Prescription (RX) )  is a ingredient oriented Korean brand which is under the same house as the brand Ciracle and C20, from where you now know my favorite serum is from. Cosrx has the specialty how combining effective and precise products at affordable price points. You won't get a page long of ingredients with their products, every ingredients matters and they keep them minimal and avoid any unnecessary fillers. To prove my point, here's the ingredient list of this specific product :

Snail Secretion Filtrate, Betaine, Butylene Glycol,1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Arginine, Allantoin, Ethyl Hexanediol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol
The first ingredient is Snail Secretion Filtrate, which as the name of the product implies is concentrated at 96% in the product. 

What the brand says 

Made with all-natural domestic 96% snail secretion filtrate, the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a Real Power Essence that transform the skin while keeping in the moisture and encouraging the real power of skin in a healthy way. It replenishes nutrients to the skin to prevent and repair damages and fills the skin with elasticity for a healthier, younger looking skin.


The product

This essence comes in a 100 ml bottle with a pH lever of 6.90 and is dispensed through a pump which delivers, in my opinion, the right amount of product :

As you may have guessed, the product in itself is gooey but it is not sticky in anyways : 

This snail essence doesn't particularly smell like anything and spreads easily and gets absorbed by the skin fairly quickly without any efforts. I've used for more than 5 months with daily uses and I've only used a third away so it will last you a good while as well.

My thoughts

Snail mucin is said to be great for anti-wrinkle effects and the overall texture of the skin, it is also great for healing proprieties. Now you're going to think, this girl is 20, why would she need anti-wrinkling effects ? That's honestly the initial thought I had about Snail secretion, I knew nothing about it and wasn't particularly interested either but let me tell you how, why it worked for me and why it will also work for you regardless of your age :

When I got the decant of this essence, my skin was kind of at it's worst state, I just had messed up big time with my chemical exfoliants and my skin was not only highly dehydrated but it was also on closed comedone mode. It didn't matter that I was spring and that my winter dehydrated skin was supposed to go for the normal skin season it was just a nightmare. 

The Snail Essence doesn't offer much hydration, so you need another product to get that wished fulfilled especially if you have dry/dehydrated skin. I was wooed by that aspect but Cosrx's Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power essence is absolutely wonderful for improving your skin texture and healing any spots. As I said I had some breakouts going on and was patch testing this product on a side of my face, that side's break out healed faster and barely left any hyperpigmentation (that my C20 serum took care of). I was absolutely amazed and I even used this essence on my underarms 2 days after I burnt them while waxing and by the next day, it wasn't irritated anymore and it was starting to heal. For 2 days I walked around with my arms up (and slept like that too) and I put tissue paper on my underarms when I had to go out, and only a bit of Cosrx Snail Essence killed the nightmare !

Now, about the texture of my skin : I've been using this product for more than 5 months now and it improved my skin texture and the elasticity of it, it justs more full of life and is stronger. My mother was so impressed with my current skin that she begged me to get it for her as well. I'm a nice daughter so I decanted some for her and ordered a full size for her yesterday from Wishtrend as well as Cosrx's new Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Mask

This product is perfect for :

Just about anyone but especially if you have troubled skin as it would speed up the healing process, people who wishes to improve their skin texture, people with sensitive skin will love this product as the short ingredient list will minimize the chances of getting any kind of reaction with this essence.

I highly recommend it to anyone willing to try this Essence ! 

Where to shop it 

Wishtrend sells it for 14.80$ here , Roseroseshop for 11.79$ here.

Check out the other sellers on the Where to Shop section !

Where to shop Asian Beauty products / Où acheter des produits de beauté asiatiques

Do you want to quench your Asian Beauty thirst ? This post will help you with that, with a list of e-shops I've hauled from along with other decent and well-known businesses, I've yet to shop at.  See how I said 'yet' ? That's just showing my love for Asian Beauty is far from being over !

Une petite présentation d'e-shops s'impose si vous voulez pouvoir vous procurer des produits de beauté asiatique. Je vous présenterais non seulement, la liste des sites que j'ai pu tester mais aussi d'autres que je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de tester mais qui restent assez connu et sûre. Pour ceux qui désirent commander via un site français, la liste de quelques e-shop français est également au programme !

E-shops I've shopped at 



Based in Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Korea Korean, Japanese Extensive choice of brands available By Weight Link

TesterKorea was the first shop I hauled at and they offer an extensive choice of brands. They also have a "want section" where you can request a certain brand or product you want to buy and they will stock it for you. However, for a few months now, Testerkorea has been experiencing some issues with late processing of orders. Great choice and price point (you might want to check the prices from time to time as they tend to fluctuate) but the service can sometimes be deceiving.


Based in
Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Korea Korean Extensive choice of brands available By Weight but FREE shipping available on Mizon and Banila Co products Link

Roseroseshop is a great shop where processing is fast and prices are interesting. Brands like Mizon and Banila Co are shipped for free (tracking fee is added though) whereas all the other brands are sold with the "shipping by weight system". You might want to check your cart as you add items as the shipping fee can double to triple depending on the weight of the product you want to buy. I highly recommend this shop.


Based in
Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Korea Korean Cosrx,Klairs,C20,Skinmiso etc.. Free over 69$+ Free Shipping on all of the items in the Free Shipping Zone Link

Do I still have to present Wishtrend ? This is where I buy the majority of my Cosrx products and of course, my beloved Vitamin C Serum, that one you knew I was going to mention !  There are promo codes every month available so that you can get the most out of your order, check out the sidebar for the monthly codes. You can also use 033450111 to get instantly 5$ off of your first order by writing this code in the "friends invitation program" box in the registration form.



Based in Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Korea Korean Extensive choice of brands available Free Shipping with 2,5$ for tracking fee Link
The shipping is free with an additional tracking fee but the prices are slightly higher to compensate for the shipping. W2beauty has a great choice of product and adds more than 200 new products each week. I also want to note that, the shipping was the fastest I've had with standard shipping from Korea. It usually takes 3 weeks to reach Paris, but it only took one week with free shipping nonetheless ! It might have been my luck but that was pretty nice.


Based in Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Korea Korean Extensive choice of brands available Free Shipping Link
Really nice service and websites. They usually have new products and collections up on their website as soon as it hits the Korean shelves. You can get free samples even if you order only one item. The shipping is free without tracking and is 2,5$ with tracking, EMS (express shipping) is also available.



Based in
Beauty Brands Shipping Link
Japan Japanese Dolly Wink, Hada Labo, Bioré, Heroine Make etc.. Free without tracking, possibility to pay for tracking shipping and EMS Link

Don't be alarmed by the outdated design (I know I would) but Ichibankao is a legit e-shop selling various Japanese brands. The website isn't really easy to navigate through but you get used to it as you browse the website.

Official E-shops

Official e-shops are also available for you to shop at. Innisfree and Etude House are under the same company and both send orders through EMS with the exact amount of your order.

They constantly have great offers like 1+1 and you can get your first order with free shipping regardless of the amount.
Etude House
The same goes for Etude House.

Concernant, Innisfree et Etude House, il est très intéressant d'acheter chez eux avec leur nombreuses offres mais veuillez à acheter en dessous de la valeur taxable par la douane. En effet, Innisfree et Etude House font partie de la même marque mère et envois les colis en EMS (express) tout en affichant la valeur exacte de votre commande. Le colis passe ensuite chez Chronopost à son arrivée en France et si votre colis à une valeur supérieur de 45€ il me semble, la Douane ET Chronopost se chargeront de vous taxer. Ps : Les produits gratuits (comme dans le cas des offres 1+1 sont considérés comme payés et donc également taxable !

Missha has stores all over the world, you can check out if your country has one.

Français : Vous pouvez commander sur le Missha Allemand pour recevoir vos produits en France. Missha offre également des échantillons à acheter sur le site, jetez y un coup d'oeil !

Taïwanese skincare at its finest, I've heard great things about Ünt but never tried anything. Their EX White Laserwave and Acne Med lines are pretty popular. You might want to check them out ! They seem to be shipping all over the world, check out here if your country is a part of it.

Page française de la marque Taïwanaise Ünt, je n'ai jamais testé de produit de cette marque mais j'en ai entendu grand bien.

Other trustworthy E-Shops

 All of these shops are deemed trustworthy by my fellow beauty bloggers :
iBuyBeauti - Korean Beauty - Based in Korea 

Adambeauty - Japanese Beauty - Based in Hong Kong

Memebox - Korean Beauty - Based in US/China/Korea and only ships there

Peachandlily - Korean Beauty - Based in US

Yesstyle - Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese Beauty - Based in Hong Kong

Glow Recipe - Natural Korean Beauty - Based in US

Korea Depart - Korean Beauty - Based in Korea

Cosmetic Love - Korean Beauty - Based in Korea

E-shops français

Si vous préférez commander sur des sites français ou désirez tout simplement recevoir vos produit plus rapidement, voici une liste d'e-shop français. Je n'ai pour l'instant commandé que chez Peaux d'Anges qui est un e-shop avec un super service et une bonne sélection de produits. Himawari qui commercialise aussi bien sur Beautyst que sur leur propre e-shop, propose une sélection de marques Coréenne avec la particularité d'avoir les frais de ports gratuit !

Peaux d'Anges
Ma BB Crème
Ds World Asia

Buy directly from Korean Shops :

If you can't find your favorite brands in this lit of e-shops or you would just rather buy directly from Korean Brands shops, this list is for you :

Avecko - Korean Product buying service. Avecko buys the product from Korean brands/shops and ships it to you (just like Shipito in the US if you know that), here is a complete guide to how to buy from Avecko on /r/Asian Beauty.

Buy directly from Japanese Shops :

Rakuten - You can find your favorite Japanese products for cheaper on Rakuten than your regular e-shops of Amazon. Here is a complete guide on how to buy from Rakuten and how to request SAL shipping on /r/Asian Beauty.

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