Beauty Trip : Shopstyle's Sanctuary for Paris Fashion Week

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Brace yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm debuting my face on this blog today. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen how I look there but this is a first time on Wished Chronicles. 
I was invited by Shopstyle to their Sanctuary, where they offered yoga classes, make-up and hair sessions and special master classes. The Sanctuary was located in a beautiful Parisian loft, very near to where I used to live on campus (as a matter of fact, the loft was the building behind my campus, talk about a coincidence !).

I'm not a Fashion blogger by any means and I was really excited to go to this blogger event mainly for the beauty spots and Oh my Cream's master class. However, I won't be able to talk about it as the brand cancelled the master class the day I went to the Sanctuary. Great luck I have ! 

Located in the first floor, my friend and I went to get our hair done by 365c. If there's anything I can't handle and am overwhelmed with in the beauty world : it is hair. I'd say I'm good at make-up but hair, I can't manage and I'm always sporting the same old hair style if we can call it that way.

 My friend (here with the princess-like-long-hair) chose the Taffetas style.

And I went for a hairstyle from last year's collection and I can't remember the name but you'll see me sporting this intricate hairstyle throughout this post. 


Heading over to the make-up bar, the brand was Bionike an Italian skincare and make-up brand with an "allergen-free philosophy" meaning that they only offer products with no preservatives, fragrances, gluten and nickel tested. This brand positions themselves as great for the skin and are sold in French pharmacies. I got a gift bag from them and I've already started to use one of their product which entered my skincare routine. I'll keep you guys posted but make sure to check this brand out when shopping in our pharmacies !

The nail bar was animated by the brand MARiNHO Paris specialized in semi-permanent manucures without any acids, solvant or animal-tested products. I was looking forward to get my nails done but unfortunately, the line was too long and I couldn't get mine done.

We chilled a bit after getting our hair & make-up done, brace yourself for some blogger-worthy pictures !

Last but not least, the event was sponsored by various Fashion brand and The Sanctuary offered bloggers a full wardrobe to try on clothes and get shot by the photograph.

A bathtub filled with popcorn ? Yes please !

I didn't try anything but my friend knocked herself out and was looking absolutely stunning :


That day was also the day I debuted my new glasses sent by Glasseshop. Uni started again and the Business Student that I'm was in need of new glasses to get myself productive. I might as well add that I've always had great eyesight but it has gone worse because of my extensive use of electronic devices. Please be careful, with your devices and buy a blue light filtering screen protector for your smartphone for example, I'm already annoyed with my geeky self. Because of this, I have to use glasses when driving during the night and get scolded by my ophthalmologist (really though !).

These are the Hancock Wayfarer in Black/Yellow 

 This shop offers a variety of prescription glasses as well as sunglasses for a very little price point. Based in China, these cheap glasses are actually really great quality. I was a bit worried about the quality of these glasses as glasses here in France cost at least a 250€ but these one retails for only 35,95$. A perfect opportunity for any student budgets, these might not be branded but they offer every styles, colors and types.

 I kinda threw my ugly Vogue glasses away and I've been using these ever since I received them while, I don't see any difference in terms of quality.  The glasses came 3 weeks after it was shipped out in a simple plastic case with the cleaning cloth associated.
If you are interested, Glasseshop is having a "First Pair of Glasses Free" campaign where  all the new customers can have a first pair of free glasses except shipping and handling fee. And, as always because I can't share an offer without a promo code : with GSHOT50 you can get 50% off on any eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses.

And we're done with this post ! Next week, a review about a special and effective Korean sleeping mask will be posted ! Until then, take care and I'll leave you with a shot of the wonderful cupcakes from The Sanctuary !

This product was sent for review purposes  by Glassesshop, all thoughts are genuine and my own, refer to my full disclosure and review policy for more information.

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