When good things come to a halt

7:04 PM


This is not good bye. It really isn't.

Wished Chronicles is going on an extended hiatus. I've accomplished many things, whether it is in my short life or with WC, but ultimately, I have more things to accomplish that needs my full time and concentration. I have already said it before, but I never wanted WC to become something I absolutely have to do and burden myself with it, especially after I've done it all this time happily because I liked it and wanted to do it.
I'm so focused on my personal projects whether it is studies, future life prospects and work that I want to give my 100% into my projects/work/purposes. There are things I need to do and accomplish.
Trust me, If I do right, I'll come back with even better content. Hopefully.

I'll still be active on twitter and instagram, and I'll respond to any mail as well !

Until then, take care and good luck ;) #luckyone

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